“Your Auction Specialist”

Planning a FUNDRAISER? We offer a unique service to ensure success at your next event.
If you are having a live or silent auction or even a raffle, we have the items you want and love. We provide a full line of authentic sports memorabilia as well as Inuit Art certified by the Government of Canada.

There is NO RISK to you. We provide items to you at wholesale cost and on a consignment basis. If they do not sell, you can return them at NO CHARGE. When they sell, regardless of the amount, all
the profit above the wholesale cost is yours to keep for the fundraiser or charity.

We have had the privilege to work with a number of charities and fundraisers, such as:

Riverview Minor Hockey
Friends of the Moncton Hospital
Dr Georges-L-Dumont Hospital Foundation
Miramichi Timberwolves
Miramichi Rivermen
Tantramar Titans Hockey Club
St. Francis Xavier Halifax Chapter
Dalhousie Men’s Hockey Club
Metro Marauder’s Hockey Club
Juvenile Diabetes Association
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Nova Scotia
Plus many more

Types of Auctions

Silent Auction
The silent auction uses a bid sheet and a starting price. Typically, your cost would be the starting price. During the auction, the item would be bid in increments generally of $5, $10 or $20. Once the auction is over, your profit is the selling price minus the cost.
The total bid less the starting bid will equal the amount raised for your charity. If the item does not sell for the starting price, simply return it at NO CHARGE to you. Absolutely NO RISK involved.

Live Auction
The live auction is generally used for larger items. This type of auction takes more time but usually ends with the best result. However, it is a good idea to not have too many items in order not to make the event too long. You can easily combine both the silent and live auction into one event. Similar to the silent auction, the live auction generally starts with a starting bid which is typically your cost or can be a lower price with a reserve. Again, if the item does not sell for the reserve price, simply return it at NO CHARGE to you. Again, NO RISK involved.

Raffle Prizes
Raffle prizes are a great addition to a silent or live auction. For a raffle draw, you would sell tickets for the item(s). You can either sell tickets for a single item or have a first / second/ third prize depending on the number of tickets you believe will sell. Raffles are a great way to encourage people who may not want to bid on a larger item but still want to make a donation to the charity or fundraiser. They will feel they are contributing to the event and at the same time have a chance to win a nice prize.

Key Elements to an Auction
In order to ensure your auction is a success, there are several key elements to consider. It is important to provide a wide variety of items in varying price ranges in order to appeal to the whole audience. If auctioning sports memorabilia, consider a wider variety of teams and players. In addition, adding in some items that are unique, such as Inuit Art, will generate more interest. The more people attending the event will provide the best results and the venue in which the event is held needs to be taken into consideration as well.

We can provide additional service to help you with the event. This includes dropping off and setting up the items for display at the start of event. Once the event is over, we can help in packing the items for the buyers and taking back any items that did not sell. In addition, we can stay for the event to provide additional hands-on support and answer any questions about the items. The cost for
the additional service will depend on the amount of time and amount of service required.

We guarantee that all items we sell are authentic products. For sports memorabilia, the items will come with a Certificate of Authenticity which ensures these have come either directly from the individual athlete’s company or a private signing. For the Inuit Art, the item will come with a “tag” certified by the Government of Canada.